We accept TRADE INS:

The older the better!

Diamondback Harry Leary

Diamondback Harry Leary

Vintage muscle bikes

Vintage muscle bikes




Bikes from the 80's too

Bikes of all ages









Currently taking trade-ins only unless it is VINTAGE! thanks


Please email, bikes@re-cycledbicycle.com, with the following:

  1. Drive-side (right-side) photo of the bicycle you wish to sell
  2. Serial # (if possible)
  3. Photos of anything that may affect the value

We will assess the bike; give an estimated value and price range.

If you would like to skip the emails, please schedule an appointment to bring in your bike for valuation.  We cannot value bikes over the phone!

*Sellers must have valid Nebraska ID (or multiple forms) and accept a check or store credit in payment*

In addition, the seller to sign a declaration confirming that they are the legal outright owner of the bike.


Bikes we are looking for:

  • Vintage, 80’s BMX, ballooners, bannana-seat-muscle-bikes, American Schwinns, pre-WWII and turn of the century bikes. The older the better.
  • Modern Bike-Shop quality bikes.  Including but not limited to:  mountain, road, Cyclocross, hybrid, cruiser, BMX, and kids bikes.
  • Some tools, parts and accessories


Re-Cycling and bikes we don’t buy:

  • DEPARTMENT  STORE  BIKES!!! Regardless of condition
  • Some “junk” bikes have a few parts worth recycling.  These will be accepted for no-charge at our discretion.
  • $20- recycling fee on all scrap bikes



There are the occasional Rare and Collectable bikes that find their way in here.  These will be assessed along with the current Market value.




40’s Schwinn with “skiptooth” chain and sprockets.